Seeing Better ~ Seeing Differently

photoWhat is vision?  For many when you say the word vision, you immediately think about your eyes.  Most would agree that is has to do with being able to see with your natural eyes.  This is true, but vision is so much more than just sight.  I had a friend who recently underwent surgery on both her eyes to have cataracts removed.  After her surgery I would always ask her, “I am I better looking yet?”  I’m happy to report that she is doing great and yes, she always says I’m better looking.  Natural sight is so important and any effort to improve your natural vision when needed is a blessing.

Vision, also is about what you see for your future.  In my last post I talked about having a vision list. A vision list is just a focused way to look at your future.  It can encompass your dreams, your goals, your hopes and whatever you want to focus on to help give shape to your future.

Vision, however, can also be about our perspective of things.  When we do marriage and relationship life coaching, we frequently have as our goal, helping people see their problems, their marriage, their situation from a different perspective.  This slight change in vision often makes incredible difference.  In this post, I want to focus on taking a serious look at the way you see things, your perspective can really influence how you walk through life.  For the majority of us, our vision/perspective of life is driven by our past, our beliefs and our life experiences.  We often see the world the same every day.  If your past shows you that people are hurtful and untrustworthy, then you will most likely continue to find that people will hurt you and you will struggle to trust.  If your life experience says financial prosperity if out of reach, then in most cases you will continue to live a life of lack.  If your life has been littered with people who say they love you and then walk out of your life, you will probably have difficulty connecting on a deeper level with people.  What if you could change the way you see your life?  Imagine what it might look like if you could be released from this perspective and see your life as blessed because people that you loved even came into your life to start with.  Say, for instance, that you decided to believe that every person in your life was there for a reason.  Maybe that reason would cause them to remain as a valuable asset to your life that would last forever, or maybe that reason is for a simple task to teach you something you didn’t know or help you see the world in a different way but then they left your life. When you begin to really look at the vision that you have about people being in your life, you are able to change the way you interact with them.  This is just one simple way that adjusting your vision, your perspective changes a lot of things.

Suppose you decided to change the vision that you have about your future.  You decide that you want to see your future very different from you present and your past, is that even doable?  The answer to that question is yes, and is dependent upon how much you are willing to change your vision.  A small fraction of change can actually net a significant change in your life in the future.

So with all this in mind, begin to think about the future you want to have.  Be brave and willing to make some changes in your perspective/vision and begin to live the life that you were created to live.  Choose to live the life you can enjoy.  Choose to be who you really feel like God has called your to be.  Take some time as 2013 comes to a close and begin to get a vision for what you want 2014 to be.  You can and do control your destiny by the vision you choose.


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