How to Love Your Husband Well

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.17.49 AMAs a wife you have many options on how to act, how to treat your husband and whether to honor God in your marriage.  These choices have great impact on the kind of marriage you will have.  While every girl dreams of the fairy tale romance where the bride and groom live happily ever after, many girls struggle to see this come to pass.  With over half of all marriages ending in divorce and many other reporting they do not have the marriage they dreamed of, marriage is losing some of its shine in the world today.  Why is that?  Can this be changed? My response to this is a resounding yes.  You can have the fulfilling, life-giving, loving marriage you have always wanted.  If you are willing to do some pretty basic things.

Getting married is often like having children, everyone does it but few get any good teaching on how to do it.  Society teaches us that we should just be born with this knowledge.  We should automatically know everything there is to know about how to raise children and everything there is to know about how to be married.  Few seek out instruction and for those who do the instruction options are incredibly vast and varied.  So how do you know which instruction plan to follow?  Why not choose a plan that has been tried and tested for thousands of years had when applied has really high success rates?

The Bible is very clear about how to be married.  It is very clear also about how to be a parent but that is for another blog.  Today I would like to share a few ideas that if you truly embrace them and follow them daily, will set you on the path to a happily ever after.  Ephesians is a great book that give wonderful direction about how to live life, how to raise children, and how to be married.  Paul in his letter to Ephesus gives some pretty specific direction about some activities that wives can do that will help ensure a great marriage.  While there are many other instructions throughout the Bible, and it can be overwhelming to begin to do them all, let’s start with a few from Ephesians 5:33.

“let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband (that she notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, venerates, and esteems him; and that she defers to him, praises him and loves and admires him exceedingly) AMP

This is a pretty long list of some of the ways we should treat our husbands.  So for the next few days we will look at these activities individually and begin to discuss examples of ways to implement each of them into our lives as wives so that we can begin to have the marriage we have always wanted.


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