Oh No!! It’sValentine’s Day

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.57.04 AMMany years ago I fell prey to HIGH expectations on a holiday that was supposed to be “ALL ABOUT ME.”  In my case, it was not Valentines Day.  On this holiday, not only was I not celebrated but I didn’t receive any of the expected gifts from my husband and my children.  To say I was disappointed would be like saying Niagara Falls if just a little drop of water.  Because of the unmet expectations I had for the way I was to be treated, I acted horrible.  I pitched a fit that lasted a week.  Every time my husband would tell me why I didn’t get a gift, I got even more angry.  Until finally a week after the holiday he came home with a gift and flowers.  Even then, I didn’t accept them without more of a fit.  It was not very pleasant at our house, to say the least.

Fast forward, 10 years, a new city, a new house, an a new life and years of learning about being the submitted, honoring, respectful wife, God has called me to be.  I have learned the beauty of releasing myself from the expectations that I and society can place on this “lover’s holiday.”  Instead of hoping that my husband will provide flowers, gifts and an amazing date on this day, I have learned the beauty of celebrating the gift from God he is to me everyday.  We will celebrate Valentine’s Day by being especially grateful that God has gifted us with each other.  I will be the happiest of all girls knowing that I have pleased God with my submitted and honoring relationship with my husband.  I will embrace the pleasure I find in having a husband that truly loves me well.  Knowing that any gift he will bring will be from a heart of love and will only be another indicator of the love he shows me daily.

Girls, I encourage you, today, release yourself from the expectations of what your spouse would/should do for you.  Instead today focus on how you will demonstrate your honor, submission and respect for him today.  Find creative ways to serve him and know that in doing that, your ways will please the Lord and the gifts that He brings will make this holiday and every day better than the last.

Happy Valentines Day!


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