Living with the Best Example

Steven 1Because today is the birthday of my AMAZING husband Steven, I just wanted to take some time to tell you a little about how I met him.  Because I too am a divorce statistic, I am thrilled to say that God turned my mourning into dancing when He lead me to the most amazing guy ever.  How does a girl from a rural farm community of about 500 people in western Oklahoma find an amazing husband in Minneapolis, MN?  Well, the world wide web of course.  We when met online this was all relatively new to most people in my neck of the woods.  God will use anything to accomplish His will.  We met online on a christian website.  We chatted online and soon moved to talking on the phone.  Most people are shocked when we tell them our first month’s phone bills combined were over $900.  As you can see, we talked on the phone a lot.  (The next month got better when we found a better phone plan) We usually didn’t start talking on the phone until my kids were in bed which was usually after 9:30pm.  We would talk for hours.  After the first couple of weeks of talking, Steven suggested we start doing Bible study together.  (He had me at Bible Study)  We began to study the Word and pray together.  God is so amazing and to this day we marvel at how He was able to transcend space and make us feel like we were in the same room as we studied and prayed.  This went on for a couple of months. We learned more about each other and even knew, as crazy at it sounds, that this was truly God’s plan for us.  Fast forward to the December, 26.  They day I first saw him in person.  I bravely flew to Minneapolis to meet a man I felt like I had known for years.  Not everyone in my life thought that was a such a great idea but hey when God says it’s okay, you just do it!  We laugh when we tell people our first thoughts when we laid eyes on each other as I came down the escalator at the Minneapolis airport. Steven’s first thought….”Wow, she is way more beautiful in person.”  My first thought, “Wow, he is…………short.”  Okay so not exactly what you expected me to think but hey I was completely WOWed by his beautiful blue eyes.  We spent a week together and I knew from that day day on that Steve was the man God had for me.  During the week I was there, I got terribly sick.  Steven waited on me hand and foot.  He brought me flowers and music.  He didn’t even get upset when I fell asleep during our evening prayer a couple of nights in a row.  One of my favorite things that Steven always says is, “I knew if I could look at her with her hair all slicked down from sweat and without any makeup, as sick as she could be and want to be with her more than anything, I could love her forever.”  He is so amazing and to this day, he continues to be the ultimate example of a servant.  We continued with the phone, email, and text messaging form of communication with the occasional visits to Oklahoma by Steven for several more months.  Then finally after what seemed like an eternity he moved to Oklahoma and became my husband.

For the next 10 years he has spent his life devoting himself to God and to becoming the standard by which my daughter and countless other women set their standard by for husbands.  I laugh when my daughter says, “Is it bad that all my friends are like Steve?”  What an amazing compliment.

What is the standard that he has set you might ask?  Well, let me just list a few of the things that come to mind:

  • First and foremost, He passionately loves God and His word more than he loves me.  
  • He seeks every day to find out more about what God says about being a loving husband and he implements that in his daily life.
  • He is self-sacrificing all the time.
  • He speaks and prays the Word over me and our children every day.
  • He thinks of us first always.
  • He is kind, supportive, loving and thoughtful.
  • He is funny.
  • He is extremely smart.
  • He is hard working and diligent.
  • He is a loyal friend.

This list is just a few of the many qualities that I have found in him that make him wonderful.  I am truly blessed beyond measure to have such an amazing husband.

So ladies and girls, when you begin to think about the husband that you want, feel free to use Steven as the standard by which you choose.  You will find that the characteristics  he demonstrates will not leave you short in the amazing husband department.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  Steven, I love you.


2 thoughts on “Living with the Best Example

  1. Thank you for this uplifting message. Steven is a great person to know. I’m glad I got to meet you both. I’m so blessed to call you both friends.



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