Marriage in 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 6.42.21 AMStarting out the new year in marriage is a great time for reflection as well as time for looking ahead to the future.  This can be good and/or bad.  For some it is good because they have grown and improved their marriage or maybe they are just starting out.  For others, it may be something more of a time of mourning for the marriage that you thought you would have but don’t.  Whether your marriage has been something great or something of a challenge, I want to applaud you on the fact that you made it.  You have arrived in 2013 married.  You have successfully accomplished something over half of the marriages in the United States have not.  You STAYED married.  You STAYED committed to your spouse.  You CHOSE not to bail out when times were tough.  YOU DID IT!!

I love the quote from Don Carson:

“In God’s Word, marriage and love are for the tough minded. Marriage is a commitment; and, far from backing out when the going gets tough, marriage partners are to sort out their difficulties in the light of scripture. They are to hang in there, improving their relationship, working away at it, precisely because they have vowed before God and man to live together and love each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer in sickness as in health, until death separates them. Love is the determined commitment to seek the other’s good, to cherish, shelter, nurture, edify, and show patience with one’s partner. And this commitment, worked out because of deep-rooted obedience to God, brings with it the emotional and sentimental aspects of love as well.”

D.A Carson, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World. Pg. 49

As you move forward in 2013, keep in mind that marriage is one of the most amazing gifts and greatest challenges ever.  You have to purpose everyday to put your spouse ahead of yourself, it doesn’t come naturally.  You have to be determined to love, cherish, shelter, nurture, build up and show patience to your spouse.  However, the reward of doing this far outweighs the pain and hurt of a failed marriage.  You will not only make your life better, you will make the life of your spouse better and if you have children, you will impact a generation to come.  So I want to encourage you, be tough minded, be committed, and sort out your difficulties in light of Scripture.  I promise you will be so glad you did.


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