Exciting Things are Happening

It has been a while since I posted last.  I must say the delay has been related to a lot of things happening in my life right now.  Steven and I have known for a long time that God has called us to do Marriage Ministry.  For years, it has been something that we have prayed for and have mostly done through Small Groups at Victory Church and we will continue to do that.  However, we are now moving into the Marriage Conference arena as well.  In fact, we have our first Marriage Conference scheduled for Labor Day weekend at Elk City Community Church.  We are in the process of establishing Bridge Builders Marriage Ministries.  This is a very complex process but God had shown up so big in so many ways it continues to confirm that we are right where we are supposed to be a the right time.  So here’s what’s happening right now.  We are working with a great guy who is helping us with the website and some promotional materials.  God has brought in some amazing people who are helping us with our 501c3.  We are in the process of finishing up 3 books that will be printed soon.  We are also developing a pre-marriage workbook.  At the end of July we will begin the process for becoming Certified Life Coaches.  All this is being done as we continue our work at Victory Church and while Steven continues to work full time at Mid-First Bank.

Another great blessing, is the addition to our team of Alma Groninger.  She is a wonderful young lady who has not only become part of our family but is very involved in all the things going on with Bridge Builders.  She is handling all the administrative details for us.  Believe me keeping Steven and I lined out and in the right place at the right time is a full-time job.  She is great at keeping the sanity in place.  We are so blessed to have her working along side us.

We would ask that you would continue to lift us up in prayer as we moved forward.  We are excited about the future.  We believe that God’s desire is to rescue the family.  In a world were at least half of all marriages end in divorce, we believe there is a lot of work to be done.  Bringing Jesus to marriages saves lives, families and children!  So we move forward “Building and Rebuilding Bridges in relationships.”



2 thoughts on “Exciting Things are Happening

  1. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!!!!! It’s exciting and encouraging to see God do awesome things like this. Well y’all be encouraged and this is just the beginning


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