I found this blog as it was re-blogged by another blog I enjoy reading. Problem is it hit a little toooooo close to home. In my first 20 years of marriage (to the other guy) I made many days miserable because he and the children didn’t do things the “right way.” But I did learn my lesson with my now Mr. Awesome….well mostly. I guess I’m a work in progress as we all are. So check out this blog and tell if you happen to find yourself in it as I did.

running in circles

I’m sure I’ve heard even more profound wisdom than this, but this piece of advice, which I heard over 15 years ago, is one that I think of almost daily.

You can get your husband to help with the housework,
or you can do it your way.

 I know you proud obsessive-compulsive housekeepers (I’ve been one of you, myself).  You take a lot of pride in the fact that the clothes in your closet are grouped by color and arranged in ROYGBIV order.  You stand up straighter when someone notices that the bookshelves in your living room follow the Dewey Decimal System.  You place the dishes into the dishwasher Just So and have outlines of your utensils traced on the bottom of the kitchen drawers so that everything can be returned to its proper place after use.

If doing housework and maintaining your home organization systems is your hobby, by…

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