Marriage Done Well!

Yesterday was quite a great day for me in the blogosphere.  Since it was my day off, I spent a great deal of the day reading other blogs and working on my Facebook Blog Page.  I am super excited at the activity my blog and FB page is generating.  More than that, I am really enjoying the new information I a gaining from reading other people’s blogs.  One of the treasures I discovered was from a blog called Double Hockey Sticks.  The writer discussed the idea of married couples having a team name.  I love the concept of having a team name which inspires you to remember that you and your spouse are a team.  Steven and I are in the process of identifying our team name.  This process is much harder than I anticipated but I am anxiously awaiting the official naming of our team.  So I encourage you, read their blog and work with your spouse to find your own team name.  Then remember your team of three (you, your spouse and God – Ecclesiastes 4:12 ) are a team that when working together is unbeatable.


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