Some Mornings Just Don’t Start Out Beautiful!

I have found that there are usually 2 kinds of people in the world.  Those who wake up and say “Good morning, Lord!” and those who wake up and say “Good Lord, morning.”  I must confess I am usually in the former group.  As a general rule I am up around 5:30am.  For those of you who aren’t sure, yes it really does exist.  I am usually happy when I wake up and ready to enjoy the day.  However, today I decided to try out the later group.  I was doing my very best to stay in bed until at least 7:30am.  Having 4 dogs, did present a little bit of a problem with this choice of sleeping in.  You see our dogs are creatures of habit.  Somehow they have an internal clock that tells them exactly when 5:30am is.  The have no interest in sleeping in. They have interest in going outside, because that is what they do every morning at this time.  So at 5:30am they started their usual morning routine of waking us up.  My husband, Steven got up and let them out.  Yea Steve!  So I thought that I would then have no problem sleeping in.  Well, I was wrong.  At 6:30am they decided they were ready for the their breakfast and started banging (scratching) on the bedroom door.  Now in my head, Steven knew that Friday was my day off and he would surely be his overly kind and generous self and get up and feed the dogs so I could sleep in.  So I waited and waited and the dogs continued to bang on the door.  Then because I was sure that Steven needed just a little more encouragement, I said to him, “are you going to work today?”  Which in my head was code for get up and deal with the dogs.  He is response was…..”Yes” as he turned over and reset the alarm to allow himself a few more minutes in bed.  Ughhhhhh!!!!  So after a few more minutes of door banging I decided that I might as well get up and feed the dogs because I was clearly not going to be able to sleep in.  Steven, however was able to continue to sleep in until seven.  I woke feeling angry with Steven because his actions didn’t meet up with my mental expectations.  The truth is if I had asked him to get up and deal with the dogs in a straightforward question he would have done just that because that is the kind of guy he is.    Instead, I allowed myself to become angry because he wasn’t reading my mind.  This type of thought process usually leads to unhappiness.  Feel free to learn from my mistake.

So now to the real point of this post.  I was checking  my email and noticed a new post from a blog I discovered yesterday called, The Peaceful Wife.  She had a guest blogger today.  The blog I read was called Palliate.  You can read it here.  I didn’t know the word Palliate, which was the point of her post.  Basically palliate is to consider all the extenuating or mitigating circumstances.  Well, clearly I had not done that in this case.  If I had I would have noticed that Steven while extremely smart and thoughtful was not a mind-reader at least while he is asleep.  I would have considered that I am able to sleep in any day I want because I usually don’t go to work until at least 9am and he has to leave the house at 7:30.  The blog I chose to read this morning helped put my morning into clearer perspective.  I am happy to report after this little refocus my morning is much better and I expect to have a great day.

I leave you with the following thought.  As you come in contact with people today, choose to palliate!  Your perspective might just be better and your day a little happier.


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