Just wanted to take the time to welcome a new blogger. Hillary is a woman of great character and someone I admire greatly. Please check out her first blog entry and then follow her. I promise she will not disappoint with the amazing wisdom that comes from a relevant point of view.

Thriving in Chaos

Blogging is quite a new concept to me. Normally I write for my own personal self, to keep memory markers of the things God is teaching or showing me, to express burdens that are on my heart, or just merely to vent. Although I do not consider myself a great writer by any means and I can confess that I was far from an english major in college, I feel as though this blog could help someone or if none the less allow you to get to know me a little better.

So often I feel as though no one else feels or sees what I see, that no one struggles the way I struggle and I am finding this to not be true. We each have our own unique story but at the heart of it we all feel a lot of the same emotions; rejection, anguish, love, jealousy…

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