What Will You Really Remember?

Truth is I don’t spend a great deal of time reading other blogs.  Well, not as much as I should or even would like to.  I do, however, often read a blog called Somethingville.  The author, Christine, takes some of the most beautiful photos and pens some great thoughts.  Today, her latest post Collecting Memories really spoke to me.  How often do we place a very high value on possessions?  Truth is, for most of us, all too often.  I spent many years of my life working to gain more stuff.  In doing this, I seemed to always be tired, overworked, and frustrated.  Then nearly 3 years ago, I left the corporate world to take a full time ministry position at Victory Church.  While often times I work more hours, I have learned the value of making memories and the value of people over stuff.  It has really been life changing for me.  Maybe because I am older or maybe because of my job change and shift in though processes, I have found that more stuff doesn’t provide happiness but investing in people and collecting memories does.  So today take some time and really look at what are priorities in your life and why.  Are you collecting things or collecting memories?


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