Never Ever Ever Give Up!!

Blog posts come to me in all sorts of ways.  Sometimes it is from something someone says, something I read, or sometimes it’s from a life experience.  This blog is just that, a result of life experience.  I have heard that quitters never win and winners never quit.  Well, there is a lot of truth to that statement.  I have recently been working on making some changes in the foods I chose to eat.  I must say, that I have had some consistency issues but I refuse to quit on this one.  I am making progress every day.  The basis of my food choice plan is that I significantly decrease, hoping one day to eliminate processed food.  I have found that I feel so much better when I choose to eat more whole foods and less processed food.  Okay so I know this is not a new idea to almost anyone but when I have applied this principle it has made some pretty significant differences in the way I feel.  Before you check out because you think this is a post all about diet and exercise, I will move on to the real idea behind the post.  I love to cook.  I search for new recipes all the time.  I found a blog called, The Clothes Make the Girl.  You can check it out here.  I recently saw a recipe for homemade mayonnaise and decided to give it a try.  I liked that I controlled the ingredients and heck it was fun.    My first attempt was a great success.  I even used a recipe I found on the site for Ranch dressing.  Now I just want to interject that I don’t much care for salads but if I can eat them with Ranch dressing they are much more appealing.  It was pretty good.  I just needed to tweak it a little.  Anyway back to the mayonnaise.  The next three times I attempted the recipe it was an epic failure.  It went from being a wonderful mayonnaise to a liquid inside of 2 seconds in the blender.  Ugh.  I had almost given up when I decided to try again.  You see I had had some success so I knew I could do it.  Well, I was right the 4th try was a success.  Check out my amazing creation.   Okay so this picture isn’t great but as you can see it does look like mayonnaise.  Better yet it tastes like it.  I can’t wait to use it in dressings and other creative ways.  I may just make some more Ranch dressing.  This whole experience got me thinking.  In life we just might be missing out on the great things because we give up just one step too soon.  After failure two or three I could have quit and I would have never had the pleasure of success.  What about people in your life.  What if you give up on them too soon.  I have two sons, pretty amazing ones I might add, that struggled with drug addiction.  I could have given up and written them off as a hopeless cause after year two, three, or four.  However, I just chose to continue praying for them and believing that God would reach them and after year five they too had success in a battle they had been fighting for years.  Here they are now. This is my oldest son, Mark (who just requested that I make sure and tell you that he thinks he is the more handsome and talented one).  He is a wonderful man of God, a great husband and an awesome dad.  He currently is working with Faith Church in Oklahoma City as they start at new church.  The is my other son, Levon.  He is a wonderful son, a great husband and a caring brother.  He is currently a part of the intern program at Victory Church. They are both great examples of never quitting and never giving up.  So having said all this I ask you.  What or whom are you giving up on?  What if you choose to not quit?


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