Godly Guys

I count myself really blessed.  My husband, Steven (here’s a pictures of the most wonderful husband in the world)  and I lead a Couple’s Small Group at Victory Church.  Our Small Group has grown over the past 2 years and become what we lovingly call “The Biggest Small Group Ever.”  If everyone in our group was there at the same time we could have nearly 70 people in our group.  This is more than just a small group.  This group of people have become a family.  They have really become our family of choice.  They are aunts and uncles for Mariah and brothers and sisters for Steven and I.  Steven is leading the men of our group in what I am now calling the Monday Night Men.  They were at our house tonight and it just reminded me how lucky the girls of my small group have it.  There is truly nothing like having Godly men for husbands and fathers.  They truly love God and have a deep desire to grow in their relationship with Him.  They have a desire to help the newer Christian men in our group grow in their relationship with God and grow in the roles as husbands and fathers.  I find it amazing how blessed we all are.  If you are a gal looking for a husband I want to encourage to not settle for anything less than a husband who loves God more than he loves you.  I promise those guys are out there and they are totally worth waiting for.  I know this concept is something that we are diligent about teaching our daughter, Mariah.  I am happy to say that Mariah has a great example of a Godly man as a Step-Dad.  Steven has always lived a Godly life before her and I am confident that she will never settle for less than all God has for her.  So again girls, I encourage never ever ever settle for less than God’s best for you.


2 thoughts on “Godly Guys

  1. SO TRUE! I love the men of our small group! And I wish for all our young girls just what you just said..wait for a man who will lead their family in the ways of God. There is nothing like it!


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