Great Memories Sometimes Make You Sad!

I would like to introduce to you a wonderful man, my Dad.  Gene Marrow  My dad went to be with Jesus on April 16, 2011.  While I celebrate the victory of his going to be with Jesus, it still makes me sad sometimes to not have him here with me.  However, I mostly choose to enjoy the great things he did and wonderful memories I have of him.

My dad loved his family and he especially loved his grandchildren.  I will have to admit that he didn’t always have an uneventful relationship with those he loved.  He was sometimes hard, sometimes opinionated, and sometimes wrong (he would rarely admit that part though) but beyond all that He loved us more than we ever knew.  One of the best relationships he had was with my daughter, Mariah.  Mariah and my dad always enjoyed each other.  She seemed never to see anything but the best in Dad.  When she was just a little girl, barely able to talk, Dad started teaching her songs.  Mostly they were silly songs like Froggy Went A Courting and Shoo Fly Pie but they were her favorite songs.  She will still frequently bust out a verse or two when talking about her Papa.  But more than anything she loved dancing with her Papa.  They danced at every occasion.  He loved dancing with her as much as she loved dancing with him.  They danced at weddings, parties and in the living room for no reason at all.  One day, shortly before my father passed away, they decided to dance in the living room to music on the TV.  I just grabbed my iPhone and started capturing the dance.  Now as you can imagine this is one of Mariah and I’s treasures. Dancing With Papa.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Mariah is going to be 16 in March and she is planning a huge party to celebrate this life milestone.  Recently while talking about it she burst into tears.  I couldn’t really understand why talking about her birthday party caused sadness until she said, “I just realized I won’t get to dance with Papa at my party, or my wedding, or anytime again.”  It did bring about some sadness and we both felt the loss but we know that because of our faith in Jesus Christ, we will spend eternity dancing with Papa.

So I encourage you, love people, honor your family, enjoy times together, be quicker to grab a camera or make a video of random moments they may just become some of your favorite things.


2 thoughts on “Great Memories Sometimes Make You Sad!

  1. Thanks for making me cry at work! Really though thanks for sharing your heart, this was beautifully written.! Memories are supposed to be remembered. You were a wonderful daughter, and are not too shabby aunt either.


  2. Beautiful story! Brought tears to my eyes (tears of happiness) that your Dad & Mariah’s Papa left such wonderful memories.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome story.

    Love, Pam


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