Conviction Equals Success

As many of you know I recently went on a mission trip with Victory Church to Lesotho, Africa.  I went to work with an organization called The Beautiful Dream Society.  This organization was started just over 3 years ago to fight human trafficking.  Here a link to the media for the Beautiful Dream Society.  Jennifer Crow and her husband Mark Crow are the senior pastors of my great church, Victory Church.  So I have watched Beautiful Dream from the beginning.  It has taken a lot of time, a lot of money and extreme perseverance by Jennifer and a host of other people to make the recent events a reality.  You see history was made just a week ago when the first ever conviction for human trafficking was handed down.  I got the opportunity to meet the sweet chinese lady who had been lured from China with the promise of a better job.  When she arrived in Lesotho her travel papers were taken from her and she was forced into prostitution by her traffickers.  She was subsequently rescued by the Beautiful Dream Society and now is living a beautiful life where she is loved and valued.  So watching her trafficker receive the first ever guilty verdict is amazing.  Here is the actual story from the Maseru, Lesotho newspaper. Newspaper article  I hope that you will see, just as I do that dreams can become reality.  The chinese lady’s dream of a good job and freedom have become a reality, the dream of Pastor Jennifer has become a reality and that is just the beginning.  What is your dream?  It too can become reality if you never give up, you never quit, and you never settle.  The Bible says in Matthew 19:26 that with God all things are possible.  So go be a dreamer and watch your life be more than you ever expected.


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