A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

While checking out the latest updates on Facebook this morning I noticed some beautiful new pictures of Lesotho, Africa posted by a wonderful gal I met on my recent trip there. Thanks Tonya for sharing them with the world.  Here are a couple of them.   I don’t know about you but prior to going to Lesotho I thought of Africa as deserts, camels, huts, and the like.  However, as you can see not all of Africa looks like that.  Lesotho is a beautiful country that is full of beautiful people.  Sometimes we have preconceptions of people.  These ideas can cause us to miss the shear beauty of that person.  I just wanted to take some time and encourage you and myself to avoid letting ourselves miss out on the great gifts that God wants to share with us through the people we meet.  Let’s not let the picture we see of them form a concept of who or what that person is, before we even take the chance to get the to know the real person. God has some pretty amazing things to share with us and many of those things may just come in the unexpected form of people.


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