Platforms Aren’t Just for Diving

When I say platform, what does that mean to you?  Webster’s Dictionary defines platform as:  1: plandesign 2: a declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands; especially : a declaration of principles and policies adopted by a political party or a candidate 3a (1) : a usually raised horizontal flat surface; especially : a raised flooring (2) : a device or structure incorporating or providing a platform; especially : such a structure on legs used for offshore drilling (as for oil)b : a place or opportunity for public discussion.

For this blog I would like to use a combination of both the definitions, the raised horizontal flat surface with the declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands.  You see when wherever you walk through life, God will give you a platform (He will raise you up in your relationships with people) to use your platform (your declaration of Christ) to reach those people.  Please don’t ever think that you don’t have a platform to stand on or a platform to speak of just because you are you.  I read this article on Tim Tebow,who is in my opinion one amazing guy.  I will share it with you I Believe in Tim Tebow.  This article set my mind spinning thinking about my own use of my platform to preach Christ.  It made me realize how easy it is to say that I could never do what Tim Tebow does.  I don’t have millions of dollars at my disposal to take sick kids, injured high school football players and other people to NFL football games.  That is just the kind of thinking that will keep you from reaching the people God has called you to reach.  You see, everyone has a platform.  God has specifically designed yours just for your unique gifts and talents.  He has placed you in just the right place to reach people that Tim Tebow will never be able to reach.  God has given you the relationship with the people that He loves so much He refuses to leave them behind.  You are God’s “Tim Tebow” for these people.  Reach out, share your life and Christ with them.  Your impact in their lives will be just as valuable as the impact that Tim Tebow makes on the lives of the people he reaches out to.

One thought on “Platforms Aren’t Just for Diving

  1. Good thoughts! I admire him too..and he’s so attacked because of his platform right now so I admire him all the more for sticking to it. So true that we all have a platform, and the very fact that we may NOT be a rockstar means God probably has someone to reach right where we are.


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