Friends Are Treasures!

I would like to take some time to introduce to one of my very best friends.  This super hot gal,  Mary Mahan has been my best friend for the more than 25 years (Mary could tell you the exact date we met, she has that kind of brain, I don’t).  Yes I know that means we would have to met before we had children and that is true.  Mary is proof that God graces us with people in our lives that become our family of choice. All my children refer to her as Aunt Mary and I just refer to her as the other half of my brain.  We have the ability to finish each other’s sentences.  We know what the other person is thinking without them ever saying a word.  There is a lot of evidence that twins have s unique ability to know their twin beyond what other people do, well that is the relationship that Mary and I have.

Over the past 25+ years we have shared the good times and the bad.  We have shared children being born, children graduating from high school, children struggling through drug addiction, proudly watching children overcome their battle with drugs and become fantastic adults, grand children, divorces (we both have walked that road), and we are sharing the experience of becoming parentless.  We have both shared the experience of losing both our mothers and fathers.  In fact, tomorrow we will share the celebration of the life of her mother Marilyn.  Marilyn left this world early Monday morning, after struggling though some pretty serious health issues for several years.  Marilyn was quite a lady.  She was vivacious, opinionated, strong-willed and one of the strongest women I know.  She loved her children and grandchildren and had many, many friends.  She will truly be missed.  So tomorrow, Mary and I will walk though this portion of our life with grace and style (which is the way we walk through all things in life).

Life holds many ups and downs for everyone.  The good news is however, that God graces us with people to travel those ups and downs with.  For me that blessing is Mary. I know that as we travel through the next 25 year of our life we will continue to do it with grace and style.  We are after all, as we like to refer to ourselves,”too cha cha for words”.


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