Hitting the Ground Running. Oh Yes and Mr. Winky!!!

I guess I should take some time and introduce you to some of the amazing people who are a part of the my team.  We are quickly becoming a family.  First there is my amazing roommate, Gretchen.  She has really been a lot of fun.  She is a mission trip expert as she has traveled to Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia, Haiti, and Mexico.  She has been great at teaching me the ropes.  She has a theory that you should never leave home without 3 important things:  Duct tape, Super Glue and string.  I must admit she is correct.  On our first day working at the BDS (Beautiful Dream Society) shelter I was immediately in need of the Duct tape to tape an extension to my paint roller.  I expect we will need the Super Glue soon.  Then there is Monty & Nyla Wallin.  They really are the ringleaders of this shindig.  Monty and Nyla are long time mission people.  They usually lead 2-3 mission trips per year.  If you need to know anything about missions they are the ones to ask.  You are definitely in safe hands with them.  Nyla is an amazing Bible scholar. She leads a small group at Victory Church on the Feasts of Israel.  It is a great small group and by the way, if you are not currently in a small group you should check hers out.   The designated driver for our car is Mr. Rueben.  I feel completely safe with his driving Mr. Rueben is one of the hardest workers and one of the kindest men I have met.  Please notice the suspenders.  He told us this morning that he had trouble because, “His hips were so high and his girth was so big that his pants kept trying to go south”.  So he developed a sure fire way to keep them in place….yep the criss-cross suspenders.  A true man of innovation.  Well, I will tell you more about the rest of the team members later.  On to the days events.  Our morning started with a buffet breakfast.  On the first few days of our trip I had an allergic reaction to something which made my mouth itch and my top lip swell.  Boy not sure why people get collagen injections, swollen lips didn’t do much for me.  At any rate I determined that the culprit might be fruit.  So I have taken enough Benadryl to make a horse sleep and have given up fruit and now my lip is back to normal size.  So of course, I am left with pastries and peanut butter.  I am not into having fish for breakfast and the last omelet I had was well shall we say, suspect.  So after a fabulous carb filled breakfast the group was treated to a morning devotional by yours truly.  It was fabulous, we a least that is what they told me.  They could have just been being nice.  It’s was all about the ripple effect.  Another story for another time.  Then it was time to load the vans and head to the BDS shelter for a hard days work.  I did get a small break this morning when I met with the staff of Victory Maseru.  I will work with them all day tomorrow, teaching them about how we do small groups at Victory.  But back to today.  It was a lot of painting rooms and ceilings.  Six rooms and ceilings to be exact.  That is hard on a girl.  Got my upper body workout painting the ceilings and my lower body workout climbing up and down the ladder.  Yes, I have found a few new muscles.  But we did a great job and the rooms are beginning to take shape.  I think there are still another six rooms to go.  They guys were busy building a security fence and a picnic table.  By the end of the day everyone was exhausted.  Okay so this picture looks like Mr. Reuben is laying down on the job and Mr. Charles is giving him what for but things are not always as they seem.  You see Mr. Charles had dug post holes and Mr. Rueben is scooping out the dirt from the bottom of the post holes.  I was going to scoop dirt but my arms were not long enough to reach the bottom of the hole and so Mr. Rueben being the wonderful guy he is came to the rescue of this damsel in distress.  Did I mention that I was exhausted.  We finished our day at 5:45pm.  It was a very productive day.  Apparently we are way ahead of schedule according to the job foreman, Ben Hayes.  So after working all day we came home and showered and headed out to dinner at the Lansing End.  The food there was really good.  Some of the braver folks tried snails.  I think this picture lets you know what Jacque thought of the snails. I personally didn’t try them.  The consensus was that they were about the texture of a mushroom but just a little more chewy.  I’ll just have to take their word for it.  So after dinner it was back to the hotel to get some rest before we hit it hard in the morning.  Oh yeah I bet you thought I had forgotten all about Mr. Winky.  Well, I haven’t.  Meet Mr. WinkyMr. Winky is the BDS shelter rescue dog.  He came to the shelter with one of his eyes really swollen and blue and he then he promptly lost most of his hair.  However, according the shelter staff one he came to BDS he began to heal.  You see the BDS shelter is a place of healing for everyone who comes there.  His hair is growing back and his eye while it still looks like he can’t see out of it is not swollen or blue. Of course, Mr. Winky is a very smart dog.  He identified the dog person from the crowd and attached himself.  Yes, Mr. Winky decided I was his new best friend.  He literally took every step I took today.  It became the joke of the day….oh yeah there goes Winky following Melisa.  I tried to tell him that I was a big dog girl but he was not dissuaded in his affection for me.  Little does he know there is heartbreak in his future.  In just a few short days, the love of his life will be returning to the good ol’ USA and he will be looking for a new gal.  Maybe that gal is you.  What do you think, any interest in moving to Maseru, Lesotho and meeting this Mr. Wonderful, AKA Mr. Winky?


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