15 Hours on an Airplane…..Wow!

Day one of my trip to Africa started with a short plane ride on a very small plane from Oklahoma City to Atlanta.  I did manage to score the best seat on the plan.  Did I mention it was a VERY small plane.  However, when you have the best seat on the plane being small doesn’t seem to be a problem.  After our flight to Atlanta, we had a 21/2 hour layover in Atlanta we boarded Delta flight 200 to Johannesburg, South Africa.  It was well, let’s just say not the most comfortable flight I have every been on and I was even more grateful for the first leg of the flight.  The good parts of the long flight was that there was good movies to watch.  I had been wanting to see Water for Elephants and I got to watch it.  It was a good movie.  Then it was hours of trying to sleep sitting up interrupted by the large amount of food they passed out on a regular basis.  This food was not nearly as good as the food my good friend Katie Johnstonbaugh cooks for sure.  (I just had to throw in a picture of the food for Katie) There was not much chance to get hungry.  Then I watched the movie, “The Blind Side”.  What a great movie about determination and how we can truly impact the lives of others if we are willing to give up some our time and treasure.  Seemed to be a perfect fit with the mission trip I am on.  I arrived safety in Johannesburg and we rented our vans for the drive to Lesotho tomorrow.  Wow that whole driving on the wrong side of the road and in the wrong side of the car makes things very interesting.  Makes Texas drivers look mild.  After an unexpected scenic turnout for about an hour and a half we arrived at the Crown Plaza Hotel.  A very nice hotel.  During the scenic turnout we did get to experience some of the real life in Johannesburg.  I am most surprised that it looks remarkably like the US.  I’m not sure what I expected but I feel right at home in this metropolitan area. I would like to interject here that even though the unexpected scenic turnout took nearly 2 hours no one got upset and we all just called it “sight seeing.”  We enjoyed a late meal and now I have found myself settled into my pj’s and resting in bed.  We will leave in the morning to drive 5 hours to Lesotho.  I can’t wait to see the sights along the way.  Well now it’s off to get some real sleep, by that I mean in a bed.  Yeah for beds.  My body will adapt to the time change……won’t it?  More tomorrow


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